Sunday, August 30, 2009

First signs of Spring

Sorry about the lateness of last weeks blog but work got in the way. We are fortunate that we are busy in these difficult financial times but I think Australia is not feeling it as difficult as some other countries.
Sure, my shares have dropped and that means retirement is further off than expected two years earlier. We can still enjoy the good things in life without it costing a lot, like the coming of spring.....

The first signs of spring are popping up all over our property. The days are stretching out a little. I notice that my weekend morning rides don't require lights on my bike lately and it's still light after getting home from work around 6ish pm. There's little more warmth around mid-day, I even opened the sunroof in my car during last week.

Daylight saving starts in the first weekend of October so the mornings will be darker again and the longer sunlit evenings will fade the curtains, the kids won't go to bed and the milking cows will be confused. I do love daylight saving though.
Sue suggested that I take a few piccies of the blooming plants on our property. In another month, I'll take a few more for comparison.

The Jasmine is going wild along the side fence beside out outdoor deck. The scent wafts across as you sit nearby with a coffee or wine - spring is on its way.

Our front veranda has had wisteria since the day we moved in in the early 80's. Ready to burst into a wall of purple, it mirrors the Jacaranda's purple bloom in our backyard.

I became a tree terrorist recently and savagely cut back the Prunis, but it continues to sprint towards spring.

Alyssum grows madly throughout the property, particularly up through the brick paving. I believe our backyard will be a very pleasant place to be with a bottle of Rose this year.

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