Sunday, August 16, 2009

Entertaining the relatives

Leon says,
Entertaining the relatives, Sue's brother John and sister-inlaw Jan, starts out as an impromptu phone call - "come and join us for an afternoon drink"
Now that might sound simple enough initially, BUT!!!!
We were given a bottle of wine that needed to be complimented by foie gras. The wine was presented to us on departure from Dijon by our wonderful host Coco, from her husband's personal wine cellar. It was a Macon 2005 Vendanges de la Saint Martin golden white dessert wine. We decided that we would open the bottle and enjoy it with special people -
Sue says,
John and Jan are special. They enjoy wine, food and travel having been to France, Italy and the UK as well as a myriad of other places over the years.

The very special bottle of Macon wine that travelled back to OZ.
Sue says,
The foie gras we bought last year in Sarlat in the Dordogne. We went to a tasting of both duck and goose foie gras and ended up purchasing the goose one. Tough call though.
Strawberries, olives and foie gras on a rainy afternoon.
Fearing we wouldn't be able to eat much due to its richness, I made a pizza with roasted red capsicum, chargrilled eggplant, green olives, proscuitto and fresh mozzerella to snack on. As you can see, when it was cooked I topped it with rocket and a drizzle of olive oil.

I was soooo wrong....we managed to gobble up all the foie gras, and most of another one we had given John and Jan as a gift! Oink, oink! The wine was smooth and delicious with the foie gras and complemented its richness very well.
Home made pizza
The pizza was yummy as also.
What a pleasant way to spend a wet and windy Sunday arvo.


  1. Sounds and looks très yummy!

    Sue might want to try some of the recipes, plus David is very funny. You might enjoy "the sweet life in Paris". Funny book. Part anecdotes, part recipes.
    That pizza looks delicious!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Its already one of Sue's favorites along with Ken and Walt's blogs.
    Good to hear from you.


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