Saturday, August 01, 2009

The week that was....

During the week I had an appointment with the rowing master of Scotch College, one of the prestigious private schools of Melbourne. Its history dates back to the early years of Melbourne. Bob, the Master whom I met with had purchased my old 1951 Citroen Traction Avant recently and he wanted the original number plates still in my possession. Scotch college is situated on the banks of the Yarra River and rowing is a sport that they have excelled in.
I believe two of the oarsome foursome, Olympic rowing gold medalists graduated from Scotch.
The area I met Bob at was the boathouse. It housed high tech carbon fibre vessels. It was so peaceful and I can understand why Bob enjoys his job. It’s like being in the country and yet only five kms from the city and the traffic. The river is home to swans, ducks and other forms of wildlife.

Today was our last day at our North Melbourne premises where I work. After 4 years we have outgrown the warehouse space. The company has had its fifth phase of growth over the 14 years I have worked at Australian Clothing Company.
North Melbourne has a gritty charm all its own and an early history that might be un-noticed as you drive to somewhere else.
There are still a few original homes from the mid-1880s such as Rose Cottage, an original bluestone constructed house. Another home from that period is a gothic style house that is unique in its style.

A short walk from the office is Errol Street. Full of great restaurants, bars and cafes, it will be hard to leave Errol Street behind.

This morning as I drove for the last time to our office, I saw three hot air balloons silently floating across the city sky. The sky was clear as the sun rose through the tall city buildings. I wish I could be in the basket looking over Melbourne instead of moving office today.
And this was the week that was.

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