Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's been a murder

My mate Nico had a birthday and we were all sworn to secrecy by his wife Bet, there was to be a murder and we were invited.

Da boys

Da broads

It would be a surprise to him.

Have you heard of murder mystery parties. Sue and I have been to a few and even held one ourselves. They are a lot of fun and Sue always slips into her Sarah Bernhart personality. It doesn't matter what her character might be, her accent always takes on a southern belle.

Da card game

On arriving at Nico and Bet's home, the rooms were decorated out as 1920s Chicago nightclub.

The men were dressed in 20's gangster suits with the women in flapper garb.

We were given the descriptions of our characters and certain dark deeds that we needed to perform during the night's entertainment.
Sue won a prize for best performer - why am I surprised?

Needless to say we were all totally in confusion but a great night was enjoyed.


  1. Da party was da best. Da Nicco's sure know how to host da mob with style.


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