Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Over the many years Sue and I've had several pets or more appropriately, additional members of the family. When we first met, Sue had Ella the cat, then came Che the Lab/Shepherd cross.
Another dog arrived in the shape of a beagle. The three, Che, Mac and Ella would lay in front of the fire in winter on their communal rug.

Ella passed away at good age and two cats arrived however one we believe may have been stolen (Burmese) and the other ventured to far from home to the highway - buff said!

Che had a good life but Mac the beagle was lonely and so we eventually decided he needed another friend. Murphy was an Irish Wolfhound and the most delightful and loving big bloke you would ever want to meet. With two dogs in the family, Sue started pining for another cat but it had to be Burmese.

We went to a breeder in Richmond with our son Mitchell. It was a good thing we took Mitch as he actually made the choice or maybe one of the kittens chose him. Our little Burmese was with us almost 21 years. She ruled the two dogs with an iron paw. Gem outlived both Murphy, Mac and another moggy by the name of Rosie. It was only last year Gem passed away and we decided not to replace her now that we live in the country.

Well!!!, that didn't last long as Sue was researching breeders and came across a recommended breeder on the Bellarine Peninsula. We went to visit her and the new litter. The Breeder took us around the garden and we seemed to talk for ages but on reflection, I think we were being considered as worthy "parents". We passed the test.

Sue was concerned how she would pick from the litter and remembering that Gem chose us, I told her it would be the same - the right kitten would choose her. How right was I?
After handling the kittens, one crawled up onto Sue and snuggled into her shoulder with her head under her hair - BINGO.

Her name is Lily - she's still a smuggler and has endeared herself to us as a member of our family.
Until I build and outside cat run, she remains an indoor cat. Living in the country we believe we have a responsibility to maintain her safety and the lives of the native fauna.


  1. Welcome Lily! She's a cutie. What's an outdoor cat run? I've never heard of one. As you know, our Bert has the "run" of the outdoors, but I suspect it's not at all the same thing. ;)

    1. Walt. its an enclosed area of mesh for a cat to wander thru the garden but protected from wildlife and also to protect small creatures from what is essentially a cat (Burmese) that is an instinctive hunter.

  2. Think a patio for cats....a catio. It will eventually be linked to a cat flap in a house window. Our property backs onto a winter creek. Snakes are an issue.

  3. Love your story Leon. We have 3 cats that share a netted area with access to the garden. Because we planted flowering trees for native birds we didn't want our beloved furries to impact on any of the wildlife and everyone is happy!

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