Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A HOUSE that became a HOME.

Last post showed our garden as it is today - it made me follow up on what the property looked like during the build during the winter of 2016. We took the keys 3 days before Christmas so that's 14 months ago. I reckon we haven't done too bad in the scheme of things, particularly since its been mainly our own work except for the major part of bringing in the gravel and soil.

Our next post, we hope to introduce you to the new member of our family - her name is Lily.


  1. Wow!! the home is on the way.. very exciting to see the finished home.. And waiting for Lily.. :)

    1. I must admit that I'm slowing down a little on the house this year but enjoying it more.

  2. Spending summer days and evenings in your new gardens will be a delight.


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