Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Arbour - Stage two

There's a Saga to the Arbour.
Firstly Sue decided on this dark charcoal colour but then was influenced to change her mind to a mid grey that matched the mid grey on the house rendering. As I was drawing to the end, painting the mid grey, she decided her first choice was the better.

So....back to the paint shop.

I have now repainted the arbour in the original "Caviar Black" and I have to agree that it now bounces as a real feature in the back yard. Either side of the arbour we will install strands of wire cord to train fruit trees in the espalier method. Climbing up the Arbour will be white roses.

However my next job is to start tiling the Alfresco over January. This has to be done before our son's 30th birthday party here in Trentham.

Looking out thru the arbour is crown land that we mow and plant trees. It should eventually make an enticing  entrance to the parkland from our block.

I'll use the arbour posts asa base to attach wire strands to train the fruit trees in the espalier  method.

In the next few days, I'll plant the climbing roses for Sue.

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