Thursday, December 07, 2017

More Garden Improvements

It's interesting to look back over past photos and see the improvements on the house since we moved in almost one year ago. We've almost forgotten that we lived in the big city of Melbourne.

This is our latest creation - a conversation pit. We'll install a metal dished fire pit in the middle of the log seats.
I planted native kangaroo paw with lots of bulbs which now have passed their best. 
This is in the front of the block with our hedge giving us privacy from the road.
Either side of the bench are potted olive trees. We've grown alyssum within the cracks of the terracotta pavers.
These have gone gangbusters with spring and now summer. 
Before winter we started a fernery and then winter and the frosts came. We thought we might lose most of the plants.
As you can see from the two photos below, the fernery has come on very strongly.

We had a concrete slab laid and installed a temporary colorbond shed to store our garden tools, etc.
Note the rubble in front of the shed. This was a future project.
Looking from the shed (see part of the slab RH bottom) we planted two veggie gardens.
Its been a very satisfying time establishing both the inside and outside of our new home in Trentham. We've warmed to the locals, made friends with the local business owners and slotted in very nicely thank you.


  1. Your fernery and the vegetable gardens are growing nicely. Wouldn't it be great to be self sufficient in many fruits, vegetables, eggs and table flowers, eventually.


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