Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Trentham Scene

Up until 1974, there was a train that ran from Daylesford to Woodend.
In the days of wood logging and farming there was a need for the railway.
In latter years, the area became prolific with potato farming and the railway took produce to Melbourne.

The stations from Daylesford include Musk, Bullarto, Lyonville and then Trentham before travelling on to Fernhill and Carlesrhue. A tourist train still runs from Daylesford to Bullarto.
From there a walking track takes the same route as the old railway to Trentham.
Although signs of the track from Trentham to Carlesrhue can still be seen, particularly an old trestle bridge, it is not walkable as the farms along the way lease the land.


  1. Love those old railway pictures..:)

    1. Have a collection Krishna - will post more soon.

  2. Enjoy your blog! As a career switch an on the ATSF in Oklahoma, and lifelong rail fan I presented myself to the driver and rode on the footplate across the great straight for several hours, with my Roberts bicycle in the baggage van. Really enjoyed riding the wine country around Adelaide, and several days in the Blue Mountains, but must say, preferred NZ drivers, LOL. Best regards, Bill

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