Saturday, April 08, 2017

Looking Out Our Backdoor

Looking out our back door on this sunny Saturday Trentham morning, I see the grass seed we planted three weeks ago has given us a much green carpet in the backyard. We've also bee spending mulch around the trees - the mulch came from a few trees, mainly Gum, that needed to be felled before we could start building. There were a few bald patches where I needed to over sow. Bit like my head of hair really but without the success rate of the lawn seed.

Our actual boundary is to the birdbath but the extended view is Crown land to the creek. As you can see there are a few patches where the seed didn't take so yesterday I raked in some more seed. Hope its not to late in the season.
He may look a little menacing however he will eat from your hand. These guys warble a very tuneful song but then expect a feed after each warble. In the mornings they wait for us to rise for a feed.
We've also gained a few new pets. A local family of magpies have adopted us and the one we call "Baby" lets us hand feed him. Talking of families, a group of two to five Kangaroos visit in the late evening and graze between us and the creek and then there's the ducks who have taken to clipping the grass and then fertilizing it at the same time. We enjoy our native pets.

Our cockatoos are not so friendly and tend to fly off when you get close. Very noisy little chaps they are.
The Roos are also timid but very inquisitive. They can be a bit menacing if they feel intimidated but mostly the are happy to hop off elsewhere rather than being confrontational.
Anyway, I felt that this song was appropriate to some extent for this post - enjoy.


  1. With views like that you must wonder how did you ever live in a city!! I have always lived in the country, some places more wild than others but I could not imagine living in a town.
    By the way your flying birds on the blog are very nice but they make it difficult to read when they are on top of a word!!
    Have a great weekend Diane and Nigel xx

    1. Thanks for the feedback on the theme colours and it was just the last few days I thought the same. Changed to blue from black makes a difference.

  2. I have always lived in the city and have never seen a kangaroo outside a zoo. So I love the idea of the kangaroos that visit you in the late evening and graze at peace behind your house. Mind you, on Joe's golf course, there is often a kangaroo that will sit on one of the greens watch the players.

    1. Hels - Our country pets give us pleasure and better still we don't need sitters when we go away.

  3. Well......that music had me jigging along with it, and then I went on YT and have just spent a merry half hour listening to the band's other songs. They are now in my Favourites folder!
    The view is lovely by the way!

  4. Glad I inspired you Vera - sue and I saw john Fogerty live in melbourne. A great concert. Still enjoying your blog even if we don't comment sometimes.


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