Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Autumn in Trentham

We went for breakfast in the village this morning and I could not resist taking a photo on my iPhone of my favourite Porsche. I will never have the opportunity of owning one of these but I can always look. This same philosophy applies in other aspects of life however Sue tells me I must not touch....

Being in the middle of Autumn, Trentham streets are full of leaves - its a magic time of the year when the trees are full of red/orange/yellow and the leaves give the streets a carpet of the autumn colours.

It was also ANZAC day today when we pay respect to our servicemen - in Trentham we had a dawn service with 200 people attending to pay respect for our fallen soldiers. Later in the morning, there was a march of those in the district and a small talk by one of our respected locals to give tribute.
For us it was the first time we experienced this ceremony but just maybe, this is what a small community like ours brings into your life.


  1. Our favourite car :-)))) Hope all is well D & N x

    1. I knew that - why did you think I posted it - life is great and hope the same is for D&N


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