Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Du Fermier of Trentham

Trentham for it size "punches well above it's weight" as the say goes. For a village on the last census had a population of 1400 people, we are so fortunate with our facilities. On the social side, we have five excellent cafes, four eating establishments - pubs/restaurants. One of these is Annie Smither's Du Fermier which is a one hat restaurant. It seems to be always full every dat it's open. We've eaten there once and let me tell you, once is not enough.
It is based of French Farmhouse style with an excellent wine list, local district plus a good stock of French wines.

I found this small insight to Annie's philosophy on food, our district's produce and a little on her past history within the industry. If you are ever in Trentham, make sure you book well in advance.

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