Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Today the house progressed one more step with the color-bond roof going on. The roofing is a corrugated steel, rather than tiles. There is nothing more romantic than the sound of rain on the roof with a wood burner in full operation while sipping a glass of port in mid-winter. That is of course we haven't taken off to France for their summer next year.
Anyway the boys worked in todays rain and the building supervisor Clint has been great as all he has estimated has happened despite our very wet weather.  As you can see from the photos, the surrounding ground is a quagmire of mud. I expect we will be bringing in soil after the house is handed over from our builder. I'm personally looking forward to the prospect of establishing our garden. BTW, did we mention that our property backs on to a reserve with the creek running at the very back. Visually it belongs to us and offers an extension to our block. I wonder how we can take advantage of this. Do you have any ideas to offer?

Our nearby neighbour rang me this morning to tell me that there was a hub of activity on the block.
When we arrived to check it out, the roof was nearing completion in one full day. 
The weather conditions are not great for the workers but we have a great deal of admiration and appreciation of their work ethic.
The whole house now takes on a very different appearance with the roof on. We are now getting an indication of the views from within to the outside world. The plans for the garden, the need for privacy screening are now forming in our minds.
 Tomorrow we are off to lunch in the city by train. Sue was given a voucher from our son and partner for her birthday present. Maybe we have another Blog Post coming very soon.


  1. Hope you have a lovely day out in the city.

    1. Unfortunately we didn't make lunch as Sue had gastro. Another time next week hopefully.

  2. The Reserve and creek at the back sound to me like some great photo opportunities. Wow the house is certainly coming along quickly you will soon be in. Have a good lunch D & N xx

    1. Poor Sue had Gastro last night so we didn't make lunch, next week..
      We were told yesterday that the old man kangaroo that use to hang around near the reserve creek passed away recently when we had the snow. Poor old fellow.


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