Thursday, August 18, 2016

Looking from the Inside Out!

We have moved on a few steps since our last post update on the progress of the house. These are steps which are not so evident from a drive by. In the last two weeks we have had the electricians, plumbers and the heating/cooling people weave their magic. The walls are now all wrapped up in insulation paper awaiting the brick layers and plasterers to start working next week.

Looking out from the double garage
The Chippys also arrive next week to fit the doors. This is the entrance looking down the hall to the family and kitchen areas.
Sue is pondering over the en-suite. This photo taken from the very front of the bedroom shows the shower to the very left behind the bedroom alcove. Double wash basins are just behind Sue.
In the roof space we discovered today that the heating/cooling apparatus and ducting had been installed.
Also all the wiring and plumbing have been roughed in awaiting the plasterers to start. I noted that the electrician had makes the floor in a bright pink paint so he could find where all the light fittings and power points were hidden.
In the left bottom corner of this photo is where the kitchen bench sink will be. Sue has opted for a double sink in the Butler's Pantry with only a single sink in the island bench - the ovens (2) and hotplates are behind the island bench.
Thought I might add a couple of exterior shots of the Al Fresco area. This is where I barbecue, entertain mates over a beer or three and enjoy the afternoon sun.
We are tossing up as to whether add a timber deck under the roofed area or add very large tiles to the concrete base that will be poured towards the end of the building process. The area is a huge L-shape, all undercover. You may like to offer some thoughts.

We expect that as August draws to a close, we will be at lock-up stage and the cabinet makers arrive, followed by painters and finally the floor coverings are installed. We still have our fingers crossed that we are in by late November - another 14 weeks away.


  1. Lock-up stage!!! There will be a big sigh of relief. Although I have been through this process myself, it seems incredible that two adult people need the unending labour of thousands of workers: you mentioned electricians, plumbers, heating/cooling people, brick layers, plasterers, cabinet makers, painters and carpet layers. I would add roofers, glaziers, tilers, wallpaper hangers, patio layers, gardeners etc etc etc.

    The Australian economy thanks you :)

    1. That brought a laugh on Hels - doing our best to help the economy.

  2. Hi, I do envy you the excitement of seeing your new home come to life. A wonderful time. I am sure you cannot wait to getting into the garden and interiors.

    Re the tile or wood decking. Tile is much easier to maintain. We rarely see tile used for exterior decking here in BC. In QLD it is used extensively. Cannot remember what flooring you are using in the interior - presuming tile - if so would it not extend the living space visually to have same flooring?
    Regards Janine
    Presently on our boat for three months on the canals of The Netherlands.

    1. Firstly Janine, enjoy your trip on the canals as I'm sure you will. Interior floor coverings will be bedroom carpets, wet areas tiling and living areas in bamboo timber. I like the softness of timber decking yet the maintenance free tiling does have some appeal.

  3. It is really going ahead quickly now, very exciting. Have a good weekend Diane

  4. it's great.. can't wait to see the finished one..

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