Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diggin' my Potatoes

Trentham - famous for potatoes
Ask Washboard Sam - He knows.

They even have their own Spud Festival
every year without fear.

The Spud train carried the hessian bags
filled to the brim by the local Lags.

OK - no more poetry
I don't have the talent - you see!
Trentham Station will bags of potatoes being transported on the now defunct railway to Daylesford and Woodend.
Trentham is in the middle - about 22 kms from each town.

We've just had the soil tests done on our block of land and I can see why the land is so good for growing potatoes.
I don't think we will have much problem with producing a great garden.


  1. When I lived in that area, my garden was huge but the house was small. So I grew the biggest vegetable garden I could think of, including potatoes. Everything came up a treat!


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