Saturday, February 20, 2016


In 1837, Charles Ebden established a sheep run no more than 5 kms down the road from where we are in Kyneton. He was the first pastorist north of the great dividing range of what was the district of Port Phillip, later to be called Victoria. He named the run, Carlsruhe after the village where he was educated - Karlsrue in Germany.
Today it is only a small rural village (under 500 pop) which is cut off from the traffic flow along the Calder Freeway from Melbourne to Bendigo. These quiet roads have now become my regular training rides.

This mornings early ride I spotted a big grey kangaroo lazing on his side and passed us a cursory glance as we rode by. Scenes like this and the one pictured above interrupt my rides, encouraging me to take out my iPhone to capture a little of Victoria's Central Highlands.


  1. Charles Ebden was a brave man setting up as early as 1837! I bet the poor man had no idea about drought, hot summers and little natural food for the animals.


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