Monday, February 22, 2016


The real stuff begins - the three blokes below were my Chainsaw Massacre Team at our block. We arrived Saturday morning to discover that our builder had done soil tests. Very excited!!!

The boys, our son Mitch, my (would you believe) ex-brother in-law Andrew who lives in Trentham and my long term mate of 50 years, Kevin donated their services to clear the trees that were in our capabilities. There's still four trees that we need professional tree loppers to dispose of.

As I have no experience with chainsaws, I was relegated to labourer - note the pile of foliage behind the boys - I did that!!!!
Mitch, Andrew and Kevin - friends extraordinaire
Many tree loppings piled up in front of the Cyprus trees that offer privacy to our block.
Now there only those four trees in front of the Citroen and a few tree stumps to go so the builder can lay the concrete slab in  hopefully in 8 weeks time.
So, where do we go to from here? We start selecting paint colours, floor coverings, and appliances.
The revised plans with the changes we made to the originals will soon be in our hands.
How exciting


  1. Things are definitely happening. Exciting for you I am sure. Diane x

    1. We are excited - just had the soils tests emailed to us today.

  2. Good job, lads! I'm looking forward to watching the progress!

    1. Progress will be forthcoming - we start selecting tiles, paint colours, appliances, etc in the very near future.


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