Saturday, January 30, 2016


It's a whole new experience here - I see so many pieces of history that I never knew existed.
Saturday I rode with a local cycling friend. I said I wanted to completed an 85 kms circuit that took us up the Burke and Wills track through a location of Spring Fields - Mia Mia. Neither of us were prepared for the bit of Australian aviation history that we stumbled across. Here in central Victoria, the very first flight in an Australian built plane took place. It is a most unsuspecting place that such an historic event would take place.  Like the Wright Bros, Wilbur and Orville who were from farming areas, John Duigan and his brother Reg built a similar bi-plane and flew the craft on their family property of Mia Mia just about 35 kms from Kyneton.

Along this lonely quiet stretch of road, a monument stands, to mark a very significant piece of Australian aeronautical history. John Duigan flew the first Australian plane built with the help of his brother Reginald.
Just about half way into our 80 kms ride we stopped to take in a little bit of Australian history.
Along with the plaque was a pictorial showing John Duigan's first flight. His latter history in the aeronautical field is most significant. Check it out on Wikipedia where I was able to lean more about John and Reg.
John Duigan sits in the biplane he built and like the Wright Bros,  was a pioneer of flight.

I wonder what new pieces of local history are around the corner to surprise me next?


  1. Thanks for the recent email and link, delighted to be following your latest life adventures.

  2. Really nice to hear from you. Hope things are good with you.


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