Saturday, January 02, 2016

I'm Over This - NOW!!!!!

I mention that we went to Kyneton with the work van full of belongings and then went to one of the local Pubs there. Well I filled the van once again and am off to the new abode - twice in three days. I think I will enjoy another beer with my friend who is helping me tomorrow.

I can't believe how much this van has taken to our new home for the next 12 months. Three trips so far and still I think we need to do another. NO! We leave the rest to the professionals for the rest.
Its going to be a very busy week with friends arriving from Paris on Tuesday. Next Thursday the removalists arrive to take all the big stuff - white goods, lounge, family, bedroom, and dining furniture.
With the help of our wonderful friends, the cupboards are now bare, and pristine clean. Hopefully the new owners can now just move in and enjoy the home that has given us the wonderful memories of the last 33 years. This whole exercise has confirmed to us that we are blessed with a great circle of friends - OR, are they happy to see us leave - OR are they looking for a counrty house for weekend visits (anytime).

Next Saturday I will ride with my friend from Paris to meet my cycling buddies and to enjoy Melbourne, our home on the bay.

Which reminds me - our blog will need to change its name - any suggestions????
Tree Change Transition. The Country Life. Rural Rants. Hmm! Maybe not.

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