Friday, January 01, 2016

We found a great Pub

This week we will have done 3 trips to our new what will be our home for the next 12 months at Kyneton. After driving the company van with a load of belongings in weather around the low 30's, we needed a beer. I found this pub with a beer that Sue enjoys a few weeks back - it's appropriately called Bicycle Beer.

I think that the Royal George may become our local while in Kyneton. I discovered after a bit of a chat, that the owners actually live in our future village of Trentham. We both enjoyed a serve each of Calamari with a couple of pots of Bicycle Beer in the very relaxing ambiance of this pub.

Sunday, we take another trip, hopefully our last in the company van with another load of belongings. Late next week the removalists take all the big stuff and then we are out of here. After 33 years, will we be sad to leave. I think Sue may be but I'm looking forward to a new life (Sue is as well but is sad with all the memories of this house).

Keep tuned - many new tales to come.


  1. It is important to find a pub you love. After all, you could raise a glass or two at home, or in a park, but there is nothing as sociable as a pub. My next blog post will be dealing with our local pub in Herts :)

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    1. Does that mean looking for a previous historic post? Yours are such interesting history post - I learn something new with each post Hels. I eagerly await your next post as usual.

    2. PS: Did you know I have two published books on history dealing with motor sport history? Reseaching on another on the sport of cycling currently.

    3. Leon

      the Carnival collects one or more blog post nominations from people who either write historical material themselves or read it in other peoples' blogs. Have a look at previous History Carnivals and you will immediately see the wide range of topics.

      You have published two historical books of your own? I am envious!

  2. What a good way to start the New Year. Happy 2016 to you two.

    1. Thanks Ken and hope yours was also good. Sue and I celebrated the New Year about two hours before midnight so we could get up early. We find its nice to celebrate with just the two of us or with family these days.


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