Saturday, December 26, 2015

We're Moving Out

Our kitchen cupboards have never been so tidy and clean. I hope the new owners appreciate  the time I've spent making the place welcome for them. It's a matter of personal pride - isn't it?
We are moving out. Now only 11 days before the house is bare and we are living in the regional Victorian town of Kyneton until our new home is being built in the village of Trentham.

The car is packed full of memories of 33 years. Bruce the bear joined the family before Andrew, our first son was born. Both boys enjoyed rolling all over his fluffy body. He comes with us to the end of time.


  1. Hope the move goes well.... an exciting time for you both, but tinged with sadness as you leave go of a house which has so many happy memories for you.

    1. Did you feel the same when you had your big move Vera?

  2. A big move can always be a difficult yet exciting time for a family. I hope everyone survived the changes and that your move went well! I also hope that you love your new place and that you all make many happy memories there. Good luck and congratulations with your move!


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