Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kyneton - Home to be Soon

We can't tell you how many times we have been back and forth to the central highlands of Victoria but recently it seems to be on a weekly cycle since we bought the land at Trentham and took out a lease on a rental property in Kyneton while our house is built.

Today we took another car load of bits and pieces to Kyneton, set up a guest room bed which will be our room until the BIG move early next month. It was hard work on a Victorian summer's day so we thought we would shout ourselves to a nice cold beer before returning home to Mentone, Our Home on the Bay.

We may need to change the name of our Blog next month with the relocation.

The hotel in its earlier form became licenced in 1852 to service the men on their way to the nearby goldfields od Castlemaine and Bendigo amongst the many other smaller towns that grew from the Victorian goldfields.

Note that our Citroen C4 enjoys a cameo in this photo.

The beers we had were at the Royal George Hotel - with a choice of 16 craft beers and ciders on tap. They organise a Brewer's Club and also a Beer School. We checked out their menu. 12 hour slow cooked lamb, crispy pork belly amongst the menu with some great local wines. They also have a local's Thursday night meal for $15.00 mains.
Early this year they were awarded Melbourne's radio station 3AW's Pub of the week.

I think we might like living here while our house is built.


  1. All best wishes for your move, hope it goes well, and all best for Christmas and the New Year.

    1. Thanks Vera and you also have a safe and enjoyable festive season - roll on 2016

  2. Tim doesn't drink wine, preferring beer, so he would love the range.

    Good luck with the move, but first a very Mappy Christmas.

    This is some information on the UK Trentham

    1. Gaynor - thank you for the post on Trentham UK. Our current home in Mentone was named after Menton on the French/Italian border and now we move to another town that takes its name from another. Best wishes Gaynor for the Festive Season

  3. Discover Historic Kyneton indeed! Great pub architecture, fun festivals and markets, impressive gardens etc etc.

    And another personal observation - after mum's family arrived in Australia, my grandfather opened his first shop in Kyneton.

    1. We are really looking forward to discovering the hidden delights of Kyneton while our house is being built in Trentham Hels. Watch this spot.


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