Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Night on the Town

With all the house renovation and chuck in my four day week as a working man, time gets away and once again the Blog has become somewhat irregular. The house renovation is drawing to a close with the fence now completed - the front rooms all now painted and decorated. We rebuilt the rear outdoor deck and the garden is coming up a treat.

We have only a few more items to tick off the list - a splash of paint here and there outside, two rooms to have new carpet laid but the last job I've held off on is our bedroom en suite. That will be the last major job with a new vanity and shower to be installed and then a new coat of paint to match the rest of the theme.

The auction is still planned for late September or just maybe early October. Just in time for a family to have a great Christmas present. As for us - who knows. We really haven't planned that far ahead but we are still thinking of a small rural town not more that 100 kms from Melbourne. We think we may build a home to suit our needs. Sue is already planning the kitchen.

As usual, I digress - off on a tangent. This post is about a night on the town.

This Friday night, we had a night in the city, Melbourne Central. We took the Metro train from our station at Mentone to Flinder's Street Station. The train was crowded with people on the way to the city for the Footy where Richmond and Hawthorn football clubs were to do battle.

As we left the station it was just a short walk across the Prince's Bridge that spans the Yarra River to the Art and Entertainment Centre and Southbank precinct. With a full moon out and the city lit up, we were looking forward to our night on the town. We arrived early enough to enjoy a meal and and a glass of wine before the show.

I'd heard on the radio that there was a one man show at the Art and Entertainment Centre based on the life of Harry Nilsson, a favorite singer of ours. He died much too young due to alcohol and drugs and left a wife and kids behind. The scene was set in his living room with a chair, a bar and the piano.
His narrative was informative giving a background of Harry's troubled life and interspersed with some of his great songs.

75 minutes, it all ended too soon so we popped off for an after show cocktail before hopping back on the train back home. Little did we realise that we would return home with the footy crowd once again. Some happy - some sad!!!


  1. Wow, you've touched a cord there! This is my all-time favourite song! It was also the opening dance on the day I got married to my late husband in 1980. Happy and sad memories ... Good luck with the sale of the house after all the hard work you've put into it! Martine

    1. Sorry and pleased that I touched a note - Yes we are looking at a good price so we can move to a place that reminds us of the rural villages that we so much have enjoyed in our travels. The life of the friends we have met in the Loire (friends of yours as well) have influenced us. Sue and I are back late next year so beware, we may eventually meet.

  2. Your third photo, the riverscape with the art gallery and spire, looks fantastic. I see that view often, but never at night.

    1. Night time brings out the best in our city but also sometimes the worst when we read or hear the morning news.


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