Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesdays in France

We have have a few favorite places in the Loire.
Richelieu has been one of them.
They recently restored their market and so
We wanted to see the results.
We were impressed and even bought a few things.
Cardinal Richelieu wanted to build the perfect town.
The plan was there, unfortunately today
it is a little down in the tooth
but, one can imagine what his dreams were.
Maybe, just maybe - today's people can bring back
some of the magic.

Looking out on the square from the restored market.

The Cardinal
A blog dedicated to the town of Richelieu
A You Tube thing worth a look


  1. I had never thought of going to Richelieu because it was too small and because I didn't like the old Cardinal one bit. But I was in Chinon anyhow and thought why not.

    Since I am always impressed when a town grows up with planned grid development rather than higgeldy piggeldy growth, it was inevitable that Richelieu was going to please. Ditto the palace, wall, pleasure grounds etc.

    What drew you to the Cardinal's favourite spot the first time you visited?

    1. Both the Blog which is on our Blogging Friends as is yours Hels and Sur was intrigued by the Cardinal's infamous history.


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