Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Throwback Thursday - an ocassional self indulgent "Look at Me" post.
2006, Sue and I took our once in a lifetime trip to Italy and France.
We met out 20 year old son Andrew in Rome on his first overseas trip.
He celebrated his 21st birthday in snowbound rural Russia, as you do!!!!

We walked and jogged the streets of Rome - great memories.
Sue and Andrew seen here at Ostia Antica - a sort of Pompei, near Rome's airport.
Look it up on Google.
This was one of the shop keepers buildings from 4thC BC


  1. Love Italy's old ruins. The workmanship was brilliant so it is good that a lot of it is still visible. We went to Herculaneum which was amazing. Keep well you two Diane

    1. You find that there are buildings built on the foundations of older buildings in Rome. It's like multi-layers architecture or an onion!!!


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