Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday in Mentone.

It's a Wednesday in Mentone today with a little bit of a French/Italian flavour.
I thought that with our move in the near future, I should feature a bit about our local suburb.

Our suburb of Mentone gained its name from the town that sits quietly between the border of France and Italy.
The beach is somewhat like that of France's Menton. We have stayed in Menton and except for the glitz of modern day Menton, the shape of the coastline is hauntingly familiar.
You can see how the early sub-divisions took their street names from the Italian side.

Up until around 1970, Mentone Melbourne had its own horse racing course. People would flock to Mentone to enjoy a day at the races.

Before Television, the theatre was the place of entertainment. This grand building sat almost opposite our street however it was long gone before we became residents.

Fresh bread came out of the Mentone bakery - the building with its ovens still stand and today is the Historical Society of Mentone.

We had our own skating rink

And our own sea baths

The tall bulding in this picture was the Mentone Coffee Palace before it became an elite Girls College.

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