Sunday, December 21, 2014

Home Projects

Its a sunny weekend and rather than meeting up with friends for some cycling, my (our) interests are turning to working on the house. We hope to put it on the market in September next year. With this really nice weather, we are concentrating on the outdoor projects.

Since getting back to work after our 10 weeks in Italy and France, I have to admit that my motivation needs a bit of prodding. Having said that, we close for the festive season and resume work on January 5 and Sue has found me a project and is offering that motivation stimulation (prodding).

I have to admit that after our recent long holiday, my motivation is just a little relaxed.

Before I turned 50, I built and out door deck extention before the party to accomodate our guests. It was a great party. 10 years later for my 60th, Sue took me to Paris. Another 5 years on and the deck has endured 15 years of seasons and is looking decidedly in need of rejuvenating. A bit like myself maybe.

Last weekend was the demolition and this weekend is the beginning of the rebuilding process. The concrete stumps are fine and so are most of the bearers but the joists and of course the decking floor has to be totally replaced. I'm using Merbau timber for the deck floor in a width of 140 mm. You can get either 140 or 90 mm width but I thought the 140 mm would be faster to work with and add increased strength and look more substantial.
This was the easy part - demolition of the old deck happened last weekend
Saturday we purchased the time for the first stage. Today I'm replacing the joists and a few bearers. Next weekend I hope to start laying the deck floor.
Sue enjoys entertaining outdoors in the Melbourne summer so although we have no deck at this time, she went and put in a winning bid on EBAY for an outdoor setting. It currently sits under the Jacaranda tree which is in full bloom.

Sue's new purchase on eBay - the outdor setting.
Hang on one moment, Sue is calling me. OK, I have to go now - SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) says I have to get back to work on the deck. Stay tuned.


  1. Entertaining outdoors under the Jacaranda tree is the only civilised way to celebrate summer, I believe :) Drinks, food, good company and a Jacaranda in full bloom! What could be better?

    1. Correct - nothing could be better Hels.

  2. A bit chilly here today in SW France as we head into mid winter, so it was nice to read about garden decks and sitting under blossoming trees. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2015.

    1. Thank you Vera for your Christmas good wishes and here's hoping your is a good one too. Will you expect snow in your neck of the woods?


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