Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Chateauvieux is just a small village upstream on the Cher river from Saint Aignan. It was another discovery on one of those many rides in the Loire et Cher region. As you drive towards the village, there is nothing to indicate that a chateau exists until you look up the side of an enormously steep cliff face to your left.

The name of the village gives some idea that there just might be a chateau lingering somewhere in the area.
The chateau from below in the village
The road up to the chateau was extremely steep and only wide enough for one vehicle. We discovered later that there was another entrance that took you to a rather car park. Believe it or not, there was only us and another couple there.
I believe that the Chateau is used as an aged care facility or similar. I've endeavoured to  research more but have come up with a blank.
Lower down the hill was where the local wineries offered tastings. This particular Domaine took its name from the homes built into the cliff face. Domaine des Troglodyte.
Its quite a contrast to see the magnificent chateau looking down on these homes and caves below.
Apologies for the poor quality of this photo but it had a dramatic effect on us. The six names are from two families that were accused of being in the Resistance and were deported by the Germans. 
In need of a "rest room" I was fortunate that Chateauvieux offered this one.
We are coming to a close of our photo stories of the Loire et Cher region but there may just be a back log of photos that will keep "Wednesdays in France" going for some time.


  1. Can't believe it's over! Have a good trip back home. :)

    1. You betcha wcs, can't wait to down a 1/2 D when we get back to Melbourne's hot summer. Actually might swap the 1/2 D for a slab as I might be mighty thirsty after 24 hours in the plane. Can you translate that Aussie slang?

  2. It seems like you just arrived yesterday!!!! I envy you those temperatures back in Melbourne. Take care and a safe trip home, D & N xx

    1. Thanks Diane - we'll keep in touch with you and our Loire friends via email occasionally to keep you updated and visa versa we hope.


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