Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why did I start this project.

I seem to be missing my regular posts lately - why is that? Certainly there is some enjoyment with blogging. It's even a form of relaxing as well as communicating, maybe even a different form of keeping a diary, even retaining one's sanity by letting your thoughts flow.

There was no Melbourne Weekend post - Why, you might well ask!!!
I was in the bloody bathroom most of the weekend, cutting tiles - gluing tiles - grouting tiles. I'm beginning to hate tiles, but when we both stand back and look at the progress albeit slow progress, there's a sense of satisfaction.

The tiling around the bath is now finished and the Plumber comes today to fit the taps and shower set.
Then a Glazier comes to fit a glass panel at one end of the bath for the shower.
So that end of the bathroom is finished all except for painting the ceiling and the plaster walls.
But of course there's still more - this weekend I start the tiling around the basin, grout the tiles, fit the mirror and then there's more painting.
Hmmm, why didn't I pay someone to do this? The cost, that's why. I've been told that a similar bathroom renovation would cost in the vicinity of $12.000 to $14,000. I think to date we've spent $4000, maybe $5000 by the time we finish.
Still along way to go but we are on the home stretch - what's the next project Sue?

Oh, Yes - a photo of France to make us all dream of travels.

Not quite sure where I took this, South of France,
maybe near the Italian border, possibly Menton.


  1. Well done for your DIY efforts! Now most of the major renovation work has been completed on our house, we think that we might have a go at doing some work ourselves. However, any effort we are making in regards to doing this is focussed more on talking and planning rather than doing!

  2. You will get loads of satisfaction from knowing you have done so much of the work yourselves, you just have to get through the "when will this end" phase........which will soon be forgotten..........honestly !!

    1. Jean,
      I'm sure you are right but then there is the next thing on the list. Still it will make the place inviting when it comes time to sell.
      Enjoying you trip back to France,


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