Monday, May 20, 2013

Family Foodie Fun

Leon, Leon, slack are you?! (TRUE SUE)
OK, I know you are working long hours, with a 90 minute commute each way, plus renovating the bathroom as well as trying to maintain a cycling persona on weekends and non rainy mornings, BUT...
Dear friends, he has left you all in my clutches for this, rather late, post. Sorry.

Mitch and I have an interesting relationship with food. He critiques everybloodything I cook!! Honestly! Every night's dinner, he will comment on the seasoning, the plating, the accompaniments, the lot. It drives Leon to distraction, but Mitch and I think it's fun! I know, we're nuts. The worst is to go out for dinner with Mitch and I!!! Sometimes, when Leon is away for the night, Mitch and I go out. We should write for a food magazine! We're tough though! Just in the family, and all fun.
But he never has cooked a three course meal before...

In Australia, it was Mothers' Day recently.
Mitch decided to cook dinner for Leon and I.
We had a fancy, pantcy menu presented to us in the dining room. I had no idea what was for dinner. I was banned from the kitchen. Noice!
First course was prawn kebabs with a delicate coconut dressing served with lime wedges. Leon didn't  photograph it because he was too busy scoffing it down! It was delicious!!
Mains was Moroccan lamb cutlets on a bed of carrot mash, served with green beans.
Just enough spice, and the flavours were great. Just enough Harissa. (north African spice paste)
The story of this one is great!
Australian Masterchef TV show a few years ago featured a guy called Chris who has since opened a foody bar in Melbourne that features beer. I'm not sure if this recipe is his, but it certainly has the hallmarks.
It was a beeramisu! Think tiramisu, but instead of using a chocolate liqueur Mitch used a chocolate flavoured stout. Sounds gross I know, but it was wonderful.
Clever boy!
What a fantastic mothers day present! Thanks Mitch.
Hopefully Leon will be back on deck for you all next week.


  1. How lucky you are to have someone cook a super duper meal for you! Lester does cook, but does not go further than omelettes or bacon sandwich!

  2. The food looks delicious Sue... lucky you. I like the idea of the menu too! Nothing wrong with being a foodie... one of life's great pleasures.


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