Thursday, May 23, 2013

Funky Friday with the Beatles in Melbourne

During the 60s, there was a rising band in Liverpool that an Australian promoter snapped up before they became world famous. They were signed up at a cost far below the amounts they commanded  in the height of their popularity. They arrived at Melbourne Airport in a wet and windy and were transported on the back of trucks so the fans could get a good view of their idols.
They stayed at the Southern Cross Hotel, then the place to stay - it no longer exists but the history of the Beatles visiting Melbourne does.

The now demolished Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne where someone who was someone stayed.
And these young lads were someone - weren't they?
Ringo only joined them for the Melbourne concert - He came later as he was unwell. A fill drummer was used. Jimmy Nichol was the fifth beatle for a very short time.
Jimmy Nichol to the far left

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