Sunday, July 08, 2012

For those who may not be aware - A MAN CAVE is the domain of the HUSBAND - a place where a man can enjoy his own company or the company of his species in like minded interests.
A man cave could take the form of various environments and dimensions. It might be a shed, a garage or maybe an attic or cellar.
The Man Cave is in a bit of a state currently - My Man Cave is a three car garage with no cars. Its really just a great big storage area but things are about to change.
The elements are there. The couch, the fridge, and the TV. 
Its a place he can call his own - a place where no woman would feel the need to intrude.
The elements of a man cave can vary depending on its owners interests. Usually there's a fridge, a most important part of a man cave. This is where he can hydrate with his preferred beverage. A TV is not an uncommon element of the man cave - not normally a modern flat screen type, but it could be, depending on the earning capacity of the man cave inhabitant. Usually its the old and unloved TV that's been replaced by the new HD flat screen within the main domain - after all, its mainly used for watching old videos or either footy and/or motor racing with his favorite beverage in hand,
Oh, yes and of course there's the old couch, another toss out by his fellow inhabitant that is quite happy to remain in the confines of the Manor House with the adornments that she is accustomed to.

My Man Cave has been suffering from neglect lately - its my garage. It's been the storage area of the belongings of our two son's belongings while they are on the opposite side of the globe. One is in Canada, the other in the UK.
But I have plans - the garage is to once again become MY Man Cave. - I started this weekend with a spring clean, no mean feat considering we are in the depths of winter.

Books, Magazines, files from past research - its all there in the Man Cave.

My interests lay with my sport of cycling, my interests in cars and music. So!
I have the mandatory fridge but not being a big beer drinker, I may fill it with some white wine and my favorite Guinness. Then there's the old TV, linked with both a DVD and a VHS player.
The home Gym and the spin bike need to positioned in such a way that I can workout while watching old videos of the Tour de France or the odd music concert DVDs I have in the collection.

The home gym has been neglected lately, hence I returned home from our trip 4kgs heavier.
There's the tellie, attache to a DVD and VHS player.
Once I get my Man Cave organised - there's no room for Sally Citroen.
This weekend, I've spent hours organising my Man Cave, a place where I am King, the Boss, my domain where I make the rules.

Hang on, what's that I hear from afar - Oh, Sue is calling me. Sorry, I have to go now. She who must be obeyed has some chores for me to attend to.
Hope your weekend brought you some pleasure.

PS - Tell me about your Man Cave!

Sue's comment...........yawn. Whatever.....


  1. We had a mancave in RSA which we converted into jacuzzi and keep-fit space; your intended use sounds more relaxing! We would love to see what is stored in some French barns here, no doubt covered in layers of dust and bat droppings! N & D

    1. It sounds like your Man Cave may have been a bit of a compromise with Nigel having to share the sacred male domain. But that's good too. Sharing is fun, especially in a Jacuzzi.

  2. I'm with Sue on this one :-) Antoinette

  3. Antoinette - how could you be so frivolous. The MAN CAVE is sacred.
    I think you and Sue may get on very well.


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