Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Bastille Weekend in Melbourne.

Saturday was Bastille Day and Sue said, "What can we cook that is traditionally French". As you know after our five trips to France since 2006, we could take on the mantle of being Francophiles.
A bottle (or two) of Cote d'Rhone helped start the evening but I'll Sue explain how our Bastille night dinner went - at home, just the two of us in the kitchen.

I decided that with our cold weather coq au vin would be nice. There is an Australian recipe site I like called Taste, and they had a few different recipes. I wasn't after authenticity, just yumminess. Chose one I liked the sound of and we were off!

Leon has been having a go at helping in the kitchen in the past few months and it is great to have someone to do the prep. He did all the chopping, went outside in the cold to fetch the thyme and bay leaves and tidied the mushrooms. I, on the other hand swanned around the kitchen looking self important and drinking wine....a very good blend of talents I believe.

Served with garlic mash, with potatoes cut up by Leon it was delish!

Crepes, what could be more French? Not a lot I believe. So, orange liqueur crepes. Nice! I showed Leon how to make the batter and left him to it.  I cooked the first one, then left the kitchen to Leon. We actually had pancakes. They tasted yummy, but a little technique still required. I really am a nasty piece of work! He has to have something to aspire to after all!

Left Overs - the night after.

I made double the amount of sauce because I thought it would make an awesome risotto. I was right. I have done it before when I have cooked lamb shanks in the pressure cooker, so I couldn't see why this wouldn't work just as well. Sorry about the big pink alien hands in the photo! It was very nice and I always get a nice, warm, housewifely glow when I can make a second meal from not much!

I'm not sure if I'm cut out to being Sue's prep person in her kitchen.


  1. Looks and sounds utterly delicous ... and most important ... you had fun preparing and eating it all!!! :) Martine
    BTW, about the last photo. I saw that on a postcard stand in Amboise in June. Is that where you got it?

  2. After watching Manu Fieldel at the Perth Food and Wine Show on Friday where he cooked Coq au Vin, I also prepared it for Bastille Day! Wish I had thought to have the crepes as well. It all looks delicious Sue. And what a great idea to make a risotto the next day! I wrote about the Show on my blog. Louise

  3. Sounds like your celebrations were warmer than ours! Sue that dinner looks superb.
    We left out the lunchtime picnic here at the local village, it was raining and somehow the authenticity would have been lost sitting at a table in the hall!!
    Thankfully it dried up for the fireworks but every one was in overcoats - in the middle of summer!!! Never the less they were good and we enjoyed.
    Have a great week Diane

  4. Martine, we did have fun. I bought that postcard in Rue Cler in Paris
    Louise, I am about to head to your blog to read about the Perth show. I think Manu has a great sense of humor. Interested to know if it showed during a live show. Was your Coq au Vin yummy?
    Diane, your weather lately sounds as bad as a Melbourne winter! Glad your day worked out well in the end. Wishing you some sunshine. It was good in May!

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