Sunday, July 22, 2012

a MUSIC and FOOD weekend.

On Friday I posted Funky Friday with a rather nostalgic memory of my time on the West Coast of the US in 79'. Music played a big part in my life since I started listening to my brother's Elvis 45s. It strange how music you never much liked when it was popular, opens up new experiences decades on.
I never had any interest in ABBA and yet, you might think they are more popular now than back then.

One band I could never take seriously were the Monkees, I'm not sure that I can now, BUT, I'm not that serious myself and they were just a good time group of guys having a good time. Now a band that I did really like in the 60s was Lovin' Spoonful - still do like them.

On the way home from work Friday night, I called into my usual Hi Fi shop, JBs. Flicking through the various CD bins I found this new series from SONY/Rhino Music with two nostalgia packs which include 5 CDs from the artist's collection. These are packaged in reproduction album covers which is great for authenticity but with my very average eyesight, I still need a magnifying glass to read the notes. Do remember coming home with that big vinyl 33 1/3 rpm album, then going to your bedroom and listening to your new purchase while reading the lyrics - and all the notes. Can't do that today.

While writing this I am in fact listening to the first Monkees Album - sorry, CD. I'm not sure if I have grown to like them any better but they were a part of our musical pop history and there are a few tracks that I think are quite good.
The other "Original Album Classics" set I've really enjoyed - The Lovin' Spoonful have always been a favorite and over the years, I'd lost, misplaced or sold off my vinyl albums of the band.

My Friday night treat was the purchase of two "Original Album Classic" five CD sets.
They sit here on my "Bible" of Rock Music. This book as you can see is well thumbed and highly treasured.
Another treat was that Sue had the weekend cooking bug - we had a guest coming for dinner. Her husband was up in Darwin, Northern Territory sailing in the Australian Championships and Sue thought she might enjoy both a dinner and some company. We could have ordered in Pizza or something similar but no, Sue had to satisfy that creative cooking bug I mentioned earlier.

I had bought some Yarra Valley marinated feta cheese and some baby beetroot, so that pretty much tied up entree for me. I think they are a match made in heaven. I put them together with some rocket and spinach leaves, toasted walnuts and a honey vinaigrette. Added a few slivers of roasted duck breast. It was very nice.

We had lasagna, which we were all too busy eating to remember to photograph. Not a bad thing. Salad was leaves, orange segments, spring onions, avocado and pomegranate seeds, cos they taste good and look pretty.

Dessert was me playing. Made some little tartlette shells, with bought shortcrust pastry. Three fillings. Our lime tree is overflowing at the moment, so I had lime curd that I made last week already in the fridge. A dob of cream and grated dark chocolate. Number two was vanilla marscapone with blueberries, and number three was salted caramel that we brought back in a jar from France, with some dark chocolate drizzles. All were good, but my vote was for the lime curd. I'm a sucker for fruit desserts, especially anything citrus.

The following night with some duck still leftover, we had the last portions over a risotto. Sue had a shopping spree during the week with a visit to a membership only warehouse called COSCO and later our favorite Italian supermarket, Mediterranean Wholesaler.
The result was some prepackaged interesting risottos which are great for that impromptu meal. This one was an Artichoke Risotto. Very yummy with three slices of duck over the top.

What the risottos are is a small portion of arborio rice that has dried artichoke pieces and some dried herbs added. You then add it with your normal risotto rice. Not sure I'd bother again. Still have a porcini one to try. Ho hum.
Leon: Well I liked it.

Much of the weekend was taken up with the final touches to the spare bedroom, well not spare for long. Our 24 year old son returns from Montreal after a five month holiday. It will be good to have him back home again although we think he may have gained a little independence and it won't be long before he heads out for other travel journeys.

Oh! just another thing - very impulsive really. We bought a bath and a glass shower screen.
Looks like a bathroom make over may take some blogging time soon now that I've finished the prodigal son's bedroom.
So!!! What should we post in the future - renovations or cooking?

TRIVIA: Did you know that Neil Diamond wrote "I'm a Believer" and "A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You" for the Monkees?


  1. Daydream Believer and Davy Jones (who passed away earlier this year) - heaven to a ten year old!

    I knew about Neil diamond writing these sons as he's recorded them on some of his albums.

    The food looks absolutely wonderful, infinitely nicer than ordered in pizza! Bravo, Sue.

  2. Gaynor - I've been listening to these Monkees albums - Oh well, they will fill a gap in the collection if nothing else. Some good tracks amongst some average ones.
    Yes, the food is always good here due to Sue's passion for cooking.

  3. I don't think there is much 60 and 70's music that I don't like, but everyone to their own taste. Sue the dinner looks very good to me, sorry I was here LOL.

    Renovations or cooking, I don't mind just so long as we know what you are both up to. You always write an interesting post so it will be fun to see how interesting installing a bath and shower can be :)

    Have a good week D & N

    1. Hi Di (& Nige) - yep we grew up in a great fun filled era. Plenty of music for everyone for all different tastes but I learn't after all these years, I still don't like the monkees. Oh well, $20 for 5 CDs, not a big loss.
      The new bath arrives tomorrow. We need tiles, plaster and whole lot of stuff that I might not know what to do with.
      Cooking - Gee I'm spoilt.

  4. The Monkeees were fun even if we never took them seriously, I thought little Davy Jones was cute:)

    1. LLM
      I remember Davy saying in later years, firstly we are entertainers, then musicians - not sure that they took themselves too seriously either.
      How is the Italian weather treating you this summer.


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