Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's on your Walls at Home

Haven't been out of the house much this weekend - hot/cold, a bit the same at the extremes. We've had high 30s this weekend but fortunately we are air conditioned.

Not moving from the house this weekend had me thinking about what we could post. Sitting with friends who called in today - they are from Paris visiting family in Melbourne - I looked at our walls with pictures and maps from our travels.

We've been in 1929 Californian Bungalow in Mentone, Melbourne for almost 30 years now. You look around at the walls and see many things that probably should have been replaced with something more modern or relevant to today's living. But these things blend into your history and become part of your overall life.

We bought this print when we discovered Sidney Long, an Australian painter during the time of the late 1800s.
 Maybe in a few years, we'll consider a move and replace everything for a new lifestyle as we draw towards retirement - that would be a major project when I look around at "what is on our walls", cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and let's not even talk about the garage.

I'm actually a little afraid to put a caption to this wall hanging - so I won't.

I've always had this passion for Citroen Traction Avants since my father bought one when I was a little tacker. Since that time there's probably been four of these in our garage over the years. These days other than a few miniatures, this postcard is all I have to remind me of these great automobiles.

The caption on this drawing is POVERTY/RICHES with the woman holding the baby being the latter.

OK, that's us 24 years ago.

My Dad as a child to the left (he's 91 this year) and my mother as a young woman to the right.

Several years back I had these photos of Sue's family framed. Her mother and father as children and later their wedding photos.

Travel memories also hang on the wall like the Tuscan village we stayed in back in 2006.
Looking down into the valley from Monticchiello.

Then there's all this other junk that we've collected over the years that's sat on mantles and shelves around the house.
If we move, we're not quite sure what will come with us after almost 30 years.
What's on your walls and have you ever had to do a big move and change of lifestyle - we'd like to hear!


  1. Loved the tour of your walls,especially the family portraits. You already know all about our big move and lifestyle change. I discovered today that your blogger profile is not in the public domain did you realise this, it will stop people finding your blog!

  2. After 3 years of blogging, I still dont understand a lot about how these things work. Tell me more about the public domain. We always think that people who change their lifestyle by moving to a different country are very brave.

  3. Interesting seeing around your home. As for moving/change of lifestyle,(you asked for it!) there was the drive across Africa in 1953 from the UK to what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia,(3 house moves). In 1978 I moved from Rhodesia to Johannesburg S.Africa (two house moves). Three years later I met Nigel, got married and we moved house twice before moving to Bophuthatswana ( a country that no longer exists!). Then back to Johannesburg 3 years later and two more house moves. 2002 we moved back to the UK, two more house moves there and then October 2011 our last and final move to the Charente. When I leave here it will be in a box!! As for pictures, we have the Porsche room, yes all porsches in there! Then the hall and the lounge are the African rooms, mostly wild animals. Then there are still all the pictures yet to be hung which are waiting for the new spare room and the two offices which at this stage are no further forward than having a ceiling!!
    So far as I can remember there were at least 4 house moves in the UK before the drive in 1953, I am not even going to try and count the whole lot up, just far too many!!
    I also do not know about profile in the public domain!!! Have a great week Diane

  4. That's a lot of moves over the years but seems like and Nigel have found "HOME" in the Charente.


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