Sunday, February 12, 2012

I sometimes wonder where my weekends go - don't you?

It seems that some weekends fly by and I wonder what we did. Do I have anything interesting to post?
Now let me think this one out!
That's right, Wednesday night I had an MG Car Club meeting to attend, Thursday was a night at a Tapas Bar with Sue and friends to see a Van Morrison tribute band. We saw the real thing several years back - good sound but no personality from Van the Man.
Oh yes, and Friday night was the "FILUM CLUB" night with more friends, well several of the same really.
FILUM is Strine for film, and Strine is Strine for Australian. Bit like Emma Chissit for "how much is it!!!!"

The film was the Rocky Horror Show. The Filum Club had some huge devotees of the Rocky Horror Show but believe it or not, and they didn't - I'd never seen it before. People dressed up and sang the songs and I just sat there eating my Maltesers and Jaffas.

So the weekend started with me exhausted but the lawns were mowed, the garden beds de-weeded and I managed a bit of catch up on my work-work.

But the big project is reinstalling all our CDs to an external hard drive attached to my lap-top in the iTunes program.This gives us the advantage of adding music to our phone, iPod, iPad and even sharing it wirelessly through the Apple TV device we bought recently.
I did this once before but on another program so it was incompatible with all this new Apple stuff. So while I work, I just chuck in another CD and before you know it I'm almost finishing off the W's (alphabetical order - who's anal then?)

From this

To this
 We bought two new CD's to add to the collection recently so I thought you might like a listen. They are both new Australian talent and their videos are quite interesting.
I've played the Gotye one before and the other by Kimbra has a friend of our son Mitchell playing a part. He's the dorky looking 50s bloke that just poses through it most of the time.

Also bought some el cheapo DVD's for those quiet nights at home.
Hope we have some quiet nights this week.
We also did some more planning for our trip to France in May which was exciting. Incidently we have friends from Paris here visiting their family so I'm hoping I might get some kms on the bike with him. He's been my guardian angel on my past trips riding the streets of Paris.

Well that's our weekend, but hopefully we can bring you more of what is happening in Melbourne next weekend.


  1. We now do not know one day from another, weekends and weeks just all seem the same. Only advantage is there is more sport on the TV at the weekend:) As we have been snowed in for the past week it has seemed like quite a long week!!
    I have never seen so many CD's. Wow you are so organised I don't know the difference between iTunes, iPod or iPad. I only have an old Nokia mobile that is at least 12 years old but does all I need it to. All our CD's are still packed, (not many compared to you), we need the extra three rooms upstairs which are in the planning but..... We have just run out of space with having the office in the lounge!
    We have some excellent music stations on the TV, so we can still listen to 60's music which is our favourite and a change from the CD's.
    Tried your videos but no can play, connection as always to slow!!
    By the way in S.Africa the films are often called filum, the Afrikaner touch.
    Nigel seems to think the best place to meet up is when you go to Oradour-sur-Glane. We do not want to see it again, once was enough, but maybe we can make a plan around it?
    Thanks for the kind comment on the ruins.
    Keep well Diane

    1. Never mind the CDs Diane, I'm wondering what to do with the LPs. My very first two were Bill Hailey and the other was Sammy Davis Jr - a very long time ago.
      I'll whizz of an email to you with trip details. We are both very excited with this out 5th. Special because its a people thing more this time as we make friends over the past trips.

  2. Leon when we left South Africa I gave away boxes of 78's, 45's and LP's. I was so sad as I would still love to play them, but I hope that somebody out there is appreciating them. Look forward to your trip details. I would quite like to do the Loire as there are many there I would also love to meet. Never the less I think Nigel is right, Oradour would be simpler and less people around so we may get a chance to chat. We can always do the Loire another time. Diane

  3. I am so impressed with your CD project, I wish you were able to pop over and do the same for us! We spent the weekend preoccupied with everything regarding the snow and cold!!!

  4. LLM,
    All we need (how many CDs do you have)is 3 weeks accomodation but I'm told guests a bit like fish, they start to smell after 2 days.
    Snow and cold is good snuggling weather - hope you are taking advantage.


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