Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Loches, Montresor and Drinks with a couple of Bloggers

The day started cold and foggy as we eased ourselves into our little Citroen C3. Today we decided to visit the market at Loches.The road beyond Montrichard took us by the most amazing Chateau that sat on the very edge of the road surrounded by a forest. Montpoupon Chateau pounced upon us as we turned the bend into a valley. We were almost going too quickly to stop and admire the building.

Chateau Montpoupon on the road to Loches.

Found a parking spot at the very popular Loches market.

Wall art in Loches - Jacques Villeret, comedian.
The trouble with packing so much into one day is that you can't explore as much as one would like and the Loches visit was a prime example of this. The market was fun and we even bumped into some other tourists that we had seen elsewhere - and it wouldn't be the last time while in the Loire.
While at the market, Sue bought a beautiful pot of tyme as a present as we had arranged to meet a couple of serial Bloggers that evening.

The Loches market was quite large and had a delightful atmosphere. There were little nooks and crannys in the laneways that I would wander up to take the odd photo. At one time we lost each other because of my meanderings - thank goodness for mobile phones. "Leon, where are you now?" Sue would exclaim on the phone. Loches was too interesting for such a short visit but we were on a mission to see Montresor. We'd read about it as being "one of the most beautiful" French villages. Not only was it pretty but we enjoyed two unusual experiences while there. We arrived in time for lunch at the one cafe in the village - it was quite pleasant and we sat in the open and watched life go by (slowly).

This little stone bridge led us towards Montresor.
The Chateau of Montresor hides behind trees of the opposite side of the small river bank.

But as you drive into Montresor, the Chateau emerges.

The first unusual experience was at the gate when we paid the entrance fee. We were asked by the gentleman, "What nationality?"
Australian..  "Oh! My favorite film is an Australian film - Crocodile Dundee", he said with a chuckle.

Through the gates we went, into a most secluded and peaceful setting. We were the only visitors. No one else was on the property, well not tourists just staff.
We were allowed to wander the grounds and the Chateau totally unattended. We sat on the chairs, admired the paintings, furniture and all the decorations. Whether they had any security cameras was unknown but we felt that the owners seemed to be most trustworthy of us. It did seem strange.

The place was so peaceful that we actually took the time to just occasionally sit and take in the ambience of the property. I took the opportunity to climb the protective walls and walked where I imagine knights of old may have been on guard, centuries before.

The second unusual experience was a portrait that hung in one of the reception rooms. It looked awfully familiar and I couldn't understand why initially. I called Sue over to ask if she knew the painting. No she didn't. Then it occurred to me where I'd seen the face of this portrait before.
It had an uncanny resemblence to the gate keeper with a liking for our Crocodile Dundee movie. On the way out Sue asked the question and we were told that it was the gatekeeper's great grandfather.
We could quite easily return to Montresor Chateau and the village to spend more time within its protective walls.

We arrived back at the cottage mid afternoon with Sue having a little nap while I took the bike out to discover some close to home sights. We were to meet a couple of fellow bloggers that most probably don't need much introduction but if you haven't read their blogs - you will find them on our sidebar.
Ken and Walt kindly invited us over to meet and we sat in the garden sipping local wine and watched Callie play. It was a great way to complete the day. We arrived back home at 8.30 well and truly looking for a peaceful night's sleep.


  1. And we enjoyed a lovely time with you both! Looking forward to seeing you again... maybe!

  2. We're are planning on saying hello Walt - back in the Loire during May. Staying across the river with Carole and Micheal. Talk soon.

  3. More places to add to my places to see. Your photos are excellent and certainly you are fast becoming my favourite tourist guide :) Diane

  4. Diane - not sure about "excellent" photos, it's just a little pocket camera that I carry constantly.
    As for the Tourist guide, we are pondering on the idea of maybe producing a "Wednesday's in France" book.
    You never know until you have a go!!!
    BTW, you've taken us to places we've never been - that's the nice thing about blogging.

  5. Those smaller chateaux that you find in out of the way places are a bit like something from fairyland.


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