Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Melbourne Autumn weekend

Sometimes Sue and I combine a blog - today is one of those so we take on different colours. Read us in those colours - Sue takes on the green where I'm the sort of nappy tan, yuk.

Funky Friday turned into Sunny Saturday after a chilly autumn morning warmed to 22 degrees by the mid afternoon. After the usual morning ride with my friends on Beach Road it was time for Sue and I to drive to Brighton further down the bay. She wanted to buy some matching mugs that we already have at home. After lunch and a glass of wine we decided to drive home via Beach Road. This lovely stretch of road follows the bay from Port Melbourne to Mordialloc before it becomes Point Nepean road taking you down to the Mornington Peninsula. We live about a kilometre off Beach Road and never tire of driving home this way.

This beach is the haven of all forms of watersport.

Looking across the bay, the Sandringham marina is in the foreground.

This actually our beach at Mentone, named after the French town of Menton on the Cote d'Azur

Today was no exception. People were taking advantage of this start to May.
Yachts, motor boats, sailboarders and other forms of water sport were all in action.

This time of the year I love the weather. Days usually start  brisk and develop into sunny afternoons with beautiful sunsets. Stunning. My favourite time of year. I'm not alone judging by all the people out enjoying our playground (Port Phillip Bay) this weekend.

If you have been reading this blog for sometime now you would realise I’m a bit over the top with my bikes. Sue says I’m obsessive, I say passionate about bikes. They take you places that are so interesting. Sunday morning two of my friends took me mountain biking in the forests about 30 kms out of Melbourne. The area was used for the MTB Commonweath Games. This form of cycling has not been big on my calendar and I have to say that it was the most fun on a bike that I have had for some time.

                                                          Hmmmm.....stylish don't you think?    No?   Me neither.

After a couple of hours in the forest it was time to get back home, into the shower and changed so we could drive into the Docklands for a flea market that we had heard of. It was a bit of a disappointment so after some lunch we decided to drive to a real market in South Melbourne. This is a great market that we’ve blogged before. The produce is diverse, although not always at bargain prices. Sue did however purchase several duck breasts while I bought a couple of wood ducks.
Well, ornamental ducks really. Wood Ducks usually describe someone that lacks a bit of common sense, or does something silly.

We got to the market not long before it closed and I had trouble finding duck breasts. They're an expensive commodity in Australia and not sold routinely. I asked for them at a poultry stall, and on saying I wanted 4, the saleswoman picked up two ducks and gave them to her butcher for him to remove the breasts for me..which he did, complete with the wing attached. I've never had that happen before.
Our boys are both over for dinner on my birthday on Wednesday and I wanted to cook something a little different for them. Think I've roasted duck for them before, but the breast with a nice sauce is a bit different.  Leon is taking some time off work and we're going to my favourite Italian place for lunch, so not sure how hungry I'll be.....always hungry enough for duck I think.

I gave the Busker $4.00 and asked for him to play the Beatles "Taxman" which he did very well.

Docklands started as just that, a very drab grey waterfront.

It now has apartments, marinas, eating houses and weekend entertainment.

Not sure if this would be our lifestyle but if you worked in the city it might just be perfect.

My busker man decided that it was time for a rest and went off for a smoko.
Where ever I leave my hat is home.

Lobsters at the South Melbourne market.

Sue purchases some gourmet sausages for our dinner tonight.

My wood ducks.


  1. Busy weekend. Fall is very nice after a hot summer. I would think Melbourne's weather is probably comparable to South California's?

  2. Yes, I agree with you that Melbourne and LA enjoy similar climates and have the added feature of great beaches.

  3. Ahh, now I get the whole "wood duck" comment! Glad to hear you enjoyed our little sojourn on the MTBs. Next time.....

  4. Nappy tan looks kind of orange to me. And I suppose wood duck breasts are out of the question...


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