Monday, May 17, 2010

An Autumn Weekend

I always enjoy my coffee after a brisk morning ride but I think this cyclist is a little over the top.

Another busy weekend starting with a reasonably mild Saturday morning of 12 degrees. It warmed in the afternoon enough for us to have lunch on our decking in the dappled sun. Autumn brings those colours of orange, brown, yellow and rust. The trees are dropping their leaves while others retain their various greens to contrast with the colours of autumn. Its a pleasant time of the year and the living room open fireplace has already had its first lighting.
Rosie our Moggie basks in the Autumn afternoon sun - not many of these days left.

The colours autumn contrast with the greens of summer across the top of our garage.

Saturday night proved to be an unusual change for us as we were to travel back in time by a few decades. I remember as a teenager frequenting live bands playing in the alleyway warehouses of Melbourne in the 60s. I had the opportunity to see great Aussie bands in their infancy before they become both national and internationally accepted.
Our two son's, Andrew and Mitch have a post-punk band called "In Tongues" and they had their CD launch Saturday night. As proud parents, we decided to be there for this historic moment amongst a sold out crowd of 20 somethings. Now you might think that we would feel out of place with these youngsters but we were made welcome by the band's fans as several are close friends of our sons. Our home being a sort of half way house sometimes, we know their friends and so several made the effort to say hello during the night.
I must admit though that I was a little disappointed when they would NOT offer me a discount when I presented my Senior's Card.

That's Andrew on guitar while Mitch is hidden in the background - that's what they do to drummers.

Not wanting to watch the earlier support bands, we decided to have dinner in a nearby restaurant. By chance and being the closest to the venue, we decided upon an African restaurant. Neither Sue and I or our friends, Denise and Darren had tried African crusine before so we had the banquet as the introduction.

As we walked down Bruswick Street, Fitzroy - this was the first restaurant we came to, it looked busy and it was close to the venue, so by unanimous choice - this was it.

Spicy meat dishes with Cous Cous, rice, breads - tooooo much to eat, very generous servings.

I guess we are very fortunate in Melbourne to have so many choices of various crusines, and so many yet to try. Having said that, I still ejoy eating at home.

Needless to say after a late night out partying, a well deserved Sunday morning sleep-in was very welcome.


  1. I bet you were very proud to see your sons play in the band.
    When I was in Nairobi, I went to "Carnivore" restaurant where I had eland, crocodile, giraffe...
    I will settle for the usual Tunisian, Moroccan... food though.

  2. fine food, company and topped off with a great show. The smile on the girl selling tickets at the gig after Leon tried his 'seniors' card trick was priceless. I'll have to get an 'In Tongues' T-shirt and get the boys to sign it before I'm too unimportant to talk to anymore.
    Rock on !!!!

  3. Yes Nadege, they were great and it was also pleasing to see my friends, Mr and Mrs Crankster enjoy them as well.
    How is LA these days?


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