Thursday, May 06, 2010


Initially we started blogging with Leaping Leon's French Fancies just to let our friends follow our journeys thru France and when we returned, we started Melbourne our Home. In November last year we put a counter on to see if was worth continuing the Blog. Last week we noticed we had reach 10,000.
Serious long time Bloggers may well laugh but this is our personal little milestone (LOL).

I never ceased to be amazed of the followings and hits that our favorite blogs have. The ones that we read daily have over 100,000 and even 200,000 hits. Oh well, we may grow as time goes by.
The great thing about Blogging is that we have met people around the world, most in cyberland and a few in person.

This weekend we promise to start our weekly French Travel Tales, starting from our first trip in 2006, where we spent time in the Languedoc and Provence. We'll share the experience of the initial planning, the traumatic experience of driving LH drive car and driving on the opposite side to home.

We'll share the good times and the not so good such as the bad accomodation and ripping the sidewall out of the tyre of our leased Citroen C3 in Beziers.

Finally - A big thank you to those who have popped in for a look at our Blog and the comments and the followers. It's nice that there is some interest and this keeps us going.


  1. Hi Leon, 10,000 visits was a big thing for me, too. And it took me a lot longer to get there!! Well done.
    I love reading your blog, even tho I don't always have time to leave a comment. I have just done a bit of catching up and realised that it is autumn in your part of the planet - how peculiar. Here we are just getting excited about spring!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to many more.

  3. Congratulations! I am a loyal follower. I was following some blogs that became so boring and uninteresting, I wish I could delete them from my list but I don't know how. No danger of deleting yours. I am always looking forward to your next posts.

  4. Thanks - Jean, WCS and Nadege.
    Not quite sure what this weekend will hold for us - it just seems to happen.

  5. Bravo and keep up the good work! Ever since Skippy I've been a big fan of Oz, and your blog makes it so much more alive and real to me!

  6. Not too difficult to stop following some blogs. I just kept them in my favorite. "Spring cleaning".

  7. Thanks to Nadege I discovered your lovely blog - glad to be one of the 10,000 :)

    Cheers from wonderful Sydney (ok, Melbourne is nice, too ...) and I look forward to your posts about your travels in France.


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