Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I may have posted this photo previously - as it says on the the plaque, Trentham is the gateway to the Wombat State Forest.

The forest in years gone by was heavily harvested as Trentham was a hub of timber harvesting however with conservation laws being established over recent decades, the forest is protected and the local animals now have increased, wombats especially - not to mention kangaroos and wallabies.

Wombat forest is used by 4X4 enthusiasts, Trailriders, Mountain Bike and hikers.
There's also the Lerderderg State Forest and the both blend together at certain points. 

The Wombat Trail is an easy 2 hour walk that takes you through the Trentham village to the outskirts and in fact pass our house on its way through some of the forest, the Trentham Cemetery and the old Racecourse.
More on Wombats here.


  1. I thought wombats were relatively small animals eg 20 ks. Your photo shows a giant cuddly animal, at least twice as big. It must waddle down its burrows, not sprint.

    1. They do waddle Hels and sometimes in front of cars. If you hit one, you really know it.


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