Wednesday, June 07, 2017


We've had pets when living in suburbia - cats, dogs, birds for ourselves and our kids as they were growing up. It's part of their learning process, the kids, not the pets - maybe so in both cases.

However, we are now empty nesters. The kids now have their own lives and pets will come their way again in their own good time.

As for us - we now have rural pets. Echidnas, Kangas, Cockies and parrots, but the most brave and bodacious are the maggies. Our magpies are so bold and they peck at our back door warbling their sweet song for us to feed them. One would visit us with his parents early this year but now he returns and eats from our hands. He is a demanding young fellow. Even though he has grown fat, we still call him baby.

He looks menacing but he really is very gentle and will take food from my open hand.
I wonder if he will bring his offspring to us next year.


  1. We also have rural pets. I do miss not having a dog but if we want to travel, which we do, it is not fair on them. Have a good day Diane and Nigel

    1. I agree - a pet is forever. Our cat at 20 could never stay in a cattery and we wouldn't do it to any pet anyway. Our cat is staying with our son while we are away in July/August.


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