Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tin House near Trentham

The Tin House we discovered on a drive from Trentham after showing friends our block. That is after we had a glass of bubbles (Sue) and a full bodied stout (me) at our favourite drinking spot (the Colibban Food Store).

The Tin House is on a road that we have not previously travelled before but that's the intrigue of the Central Highlands of Victoria - every new road is a new discovery. Again I played with the settings on the iPhone for the close up shots of Tin House. Just love those rusty tones on corrugated tin - Iconic Australian Bush.

The property was under guard by this RAM protecting his harem. He stared at me with that "are you feeling lucky punk" look. Time to move on I thought.

Ewe Lookin' at me?


  1. Fab pics of tin house Leon - never seen this before.

  2. Fantastic photos of the tin shed - great colours bought out by the phone ap.
    Regards Janine

    1. Janine - Sue said today that we should use some of our photos for the new house.


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