Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pictures of Kyneton

I carry my camera and/or iPhone every where just in case there is a photo opportunity. Today was one of those cases. There so many instances of opposites when absorbing the sights of our new environment. We probably notice things more than the locals. I always started to look at our own environment during those "Our Home by the Bay" blogging days after getting home from our overseas trips. We would see home with new eyes.

As I returned from my morning ride, I stopped at a property on the outskirts of the town. I'd always admired the driveway with the conifers bordering the gravel surface. It reminded me so much of parts of Tuscany. As I was taking a photo, the owner was driving out and I told her how her property brought back memories.
She said that the previous owners were in fact Italian and that if we would like to see beyond the driveway, to knock on their door for a tour. How nice. I don't think that would happen in Melbourne!!

Just across the road from the house was the iconic Aussie bush property that local painters and photographers search for - as I do. This one may or not be inhabited but on the same land is a collection of goats and alpacas which are in great numbers in our region.

Much more to come now that I'm retired - every day is an adventure.

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