Friday, November 13, 2015

The House Saga draws to an end Tomorrow.

At 1.30 pm Melbourne time, No.2 Tolls Avenue Mentone will be in Auction mode.
Someone else will eventually get the keys to our home of 33 years.
We hope that they get as much joy as we have.


  1. Good luck! We shall be thinking of you.
    Do you go to the auction or stay away? It will be an emotional time, but as you have said many times, marks a new beginning. Hope all goes well.

    1. Gaynor - its all very scheduled, we go away while the house is open for final inspection and return under Harry Potters cloak of invisibility 5 mins before the auction starts and hide inside while the auction commences. We then bite our finger nails in anticipation that the bidding reach and hopefully exceeds our reserve.


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