Thursday, October 08, 2015

It's Now Real

It's the real thing now - the sign is up to let the neighbours know that we are moving out soon. November 14 is Auction date. This weekend our friends are coming around to help with all those little jobs that we've missed. My sons are cleaning up the garden and mulching. The ladies are styling the interior. The blokes are doing a bit of painting.
You would think that friends and family would be doing all they could to make us stay but they realise that its what we want to do and are all the way behind us - we are blessed with great friends.

I hope that the letterbox that looks like a exclamation mark is not an ominous sign.
Once we get back to a more relaxing life, we promise to get back to being diligent bloggers.
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  1. Hi Both,
    Yes, wonderful to have your friends rally during this stressful time.
    Soon you will turn your back on all the hard work and look forward to new adventures.
    P.S. Just bought a boat to cruise the canals of Europe. Both still in shock.
    Regards And best of luck for the auction.
    Regards Janine

    1. Janine - lucky you. When is the cruise?

    2. In the Netherlands August till Oct 2016, then France April to July 2017 - all being well. J.

  2. Good Luck. Have a good weekend D & N xx

    1. Thanks Diane - Good luck and a few bidders will be nice.


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