Sunday, October 25, 2015

33 years and now under the hammer

We've been here for 33 years. We were married in the back yard, 2 boys grew up here, an extension after the first 10 years our house has now seen about three incarnations to this final project to offer for sale.

Saturday we had our first open house inspection with we are told that 24 groups looked through our home. Our neighbours say that there have been several cars passing by and inspecting the sale sign.
Before the Auction on November 14 we have both Wednesdays and Saturdays open house inspections.

What will we miss when we leave;
Family, friends and a house that has always been a family and friends house of entertainment. One of the lovely things we will miss is something we only just had repaired. The spot light that illuminates the iconic Australian trees - a Gum and a Jacaranda.

In the summer months we often spend the twilight on the back deck with a glass of wine with dinner. Tonight as we admired the floodlit trees, lightening illuminated the skies with the sound of thunder.
A small amount of drizzle fell on the grass but not enough to retreat inside.

I hope that the new owners enjoy the house as much as we have - whoever they may be in three weeks time.


  1. I know just how you feel. We sold my mother's house (where I grew up) in July and the new owners are moving in this weekend, after three month of intensive renovations. Can't wait to be invited to see the final result. Good luck with the sale and the construction of the new home! Martine

    1. Yes Martine, a new life ahead. Moving rural after enjoying so many travels through rural France has inspired us. We will be back to italy france and germany late next year and just maybe we might catch up this time.

  2. hi Both,
    It is a bittersweet time. Your home has served you well and will springboard you into a new stage of your life.
    It will become easier as your plans for your new home come to fruitition. Don't look back - your family and friends will come with you!
    regards Janine

    1. Lovely words Janine which I will pass on to Sue. Thank you.

  3. I have never lived in a house long enough to become so attached. !0 years here in France is the longest I have ever been in one house! Good luck for the auction. Diane and Nigel.xx

    1. And its a very nice house too Diane and Nigel. Hope we get the opportunity to visit once again some day


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