Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time for the Garden

It would seem that our Blog Posts are centered on the house renovations - it's what is taking up most of our life this year. There's so many projects on the go at the moment, I'm not sure if I'm Arthur or Martha!!!!

My Project Manager - that would be Sue, suggested that now that I have completed painting one side of the boundary fence, it was time time to buy plants for the garden beds. The colour of the fence was in "Black Caviar", named after a very successful Australian Thoroughbred mare. She never lost a race in her career. Plus she was gorgeous (Sue)
Black Caviar had 22 wins in her career culminating with Royal Ascot .
She is the colour of our fence.
Diacos is where we buy our plants - a very nice bloke helped us select the plants we bought today.
SO! Today we took a visit to a local nursery, plants not children. Diacos is in the back blocks of our local area where the early market gardens took advantage of the rich soil that also is where our house sits. The soil is so rich that I can feel my finger nails growing as I run my hands through the soil.

The red stuff is Australis Purpurea, (Its  a Cordyline, Leon.) I'm told that it is a native of New Zealand. The green stuff is called Blue Fescue. (In other words a native grass Leon)  What would I know, I  just dig holes and put them in the ground. Sue, can I go for a ride now?
The big picture looking right.
The big picture looking left. I've never been one for straight lines. I like paths that meander, a bit like my mind.
We are actually enjoying the transformation of our home of 30 plus years, especially when friends arrive and help with advice. Next weekend will see the front fence framework have some of the restored pickets attached. In two weeks time the floors get sanded and varnished in a low sheen. We can't wait. The furniture can then be moved back into the lounge and dining rooms and we can start enjoying the fruits of our labor.


  1. Hi Leon, Love the colour of the fence and the name black caviar is great. Everything looking good. Well done.

    1. big surprise today - we had the terracotta roof tiles cleaned today by our oldest son and his mate - looks great.

  2. You are making a fabulous job of everything, I'm jealous of your rich soil too.
    I'd buy your house........given the right situation.......!

    1. We both have a lot in common Jean with the trials and tribulations of home renovations - but when you can stand back and look at the final results - WOW!
      We may not comment often but we are watching your progress as well.


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