Sunday, June 21, 2015

Te Deck gets its new clothes.

I sit at a desk in front of a computer at work most days - hey, I do that at home, what am I doing now? What did we do before computers? 

A friend popped in today as I was finishing off some work on the house - more about that later. He mentioned that his father passed on a medal that he was awarded for completing the famous and historic 165 mile Warrnambool cycling road race. I looked it up on a site called TROVE which has digitised past Australian newspapers. 
So there, on the spot, I was able to offer some news of the race his father rode in 1931. My friend came around to purchase a book I self-published on motor racing. Back then I spent hours sitting at the Melbourne Library searching through microfiche of old newspapers when I was researching the book. Today I can sit in the study doing the same thing. Amazing isn't it?

So when it comes to working with my hands, its almost like therapy and mind relief.... Those that have been following the Blog full well know that every weekend is taken up with work on our house to put on the market later this year. Our house was built in 1929 and the terracotta roof tiles had 86 years of moss and grunge. Our son Andrew who supplements his income by working with a friend who restores roofs decided that they would surprise us by cleaning our roof last week. It looks like new. In two weeks we have the floor sander coming in now that we have finished painting those rooms.

But I digress - this weekend, we bought the materials to stain the deck - October Brown they call the deck oil and it needs two coats. Today I did the 1st coat. We like the way it is coming along.

I also completed the painting of our side fence today however I did want to get on to the other side border fence but as I was working away, neighbours would stop for a chat which is really nice but it did slow progress. I think they are following our progress with interest. We are blessed to have good neighbours, many that have been in the street as long as us.
No food blog this weekend - we had takeaway tonight!

Oh well, there's always next weekend to catch up.

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