Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scenes from Saint Aignan-sur-Cher

Saint Aignan is one of the villages in the local area here in Loire Valley on the Cher River. We drove in last week and had a spot of lunch before meeting up with friends where we are staying in the commune of Saint Romaine sur Cher. 

Do people send telegrams or post letters anymore?
So many places to see in all directions
The bridge over the River Cher to enter Saint Aignan.

Hopefully a new cafe is about to open once the renovations are complete.

A section of the walls that protected Saint Aignan in medieval times
Some of the ancient buildings make great subjects. Much renovation is apparent just the same.

Note the carved face - top left. How old would these wood beams be?
This trip is I think our fourth visit to the region and we become acquainted with several people in the area now. Our friends for whom we are house sitting (looking after cats) while they take a quick visit to the UK, we met when we rented their cottage in Thenay. It is a small rural village, yet central to most of the grand Chateaux of the Loire. We’ll be staying at the cottage later and we will give you more of an insight into life in a French rural community in future posts. Many of my cycling will be centred around the Thenay region. The roads are almost car free and traverse many other villages of this wine growing district.

Possibly the gate house to the Chateau?

This morning we decided to cross the Cher river and have a mid-morning breakfast at Saint Aignan. Being a Tuesday, several businesses were slow to open. Mondays are worse with most non-essential businesses closed.
The town promotes itself as “Cite Medievale”  and it certainly does have some fine architectural examples of the period.
Saint Aignan also has the most amazing Chateau, unfortunately not open to the public as it is privately owned, although the gardens are accessible.
Coming from our side of the Cher, the Chateau as you cross the river is a most imposing sight. Beside the chateau are the remnants of the 11th century fortress and donjon. 
I took the opportunity to walk around the perimeter of the Chateau which also took me closer to its  amazing ramparts.

The Chateau from below - we must enter the gardens while here.

Above the bridge - the remnants of the castle Donjon

As you walk back to the centre of the village, you are faced with “collegial de St Aignan”. Its origins date from the 11th century and in its lower depths is the crypt with brightly coloured painting of religious scenes.

With time on your hands, you can walk the many small walkways nestled among the part wood and part stone medieval buildings to experience what it may have been like to live in this village through the centuries. Be prepared to have comfortable walking shoes as the only flat streets seem to be on the river.

Lunch today took us to the Montrichard but that’s another post for another time.
Today we go to the Loches market and will try to post some photos later. This post comes to you through the generosity of fellow bloggers here in Saint Aignan while we feed their cat.


  1. Great Saint-Aignan photos! You two must really be living the life there ;)

  2. Judith - I think someone else may have the title - Living the Life, but it's really nice to absorb the community day to day life.


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